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Volume 10, Issue 10

The Radar Speed Gun is Here!

Mayor Pucciarelli reported to the Aldermen during their September meeting that he had spoken with the new sheriff, Bobby Brooks, and the Law Enforcement Agreement between the town and the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Department will continue. That means that a police officer will be monitoring the town on an unpredictable schedule and that violators will be prosecuted by the City Court. The most frequent crimes ticketed in the Gap include ignoring the stop signs, speeding and going the wrong way on the one way street by the post office. The Dog Park hours have been set and posted and violators of the posted hours of dusk to dawn will also be ticketed. The shared police force has also successfully solved a robbery in the Gap and is monitoring the town after hours and stopping those who have drank excessively and drove. The no longer needed Cumberland Gap cruiser is up for sale as the agreement provides the needed police vehicles. This agreement and the newly appointed city judge keeps the town safe for all who enjoy what the Gap has to offer.

Celebrating all things art! October 13th. Downtown Gap. Photo on Glass by photographer: Kathy Matthews

Harvest Moon Gala on Oct. 13th

The Cumberland Gap Artists’ Co-op is hosting their annual Harvest Moon Gala on Saturday, October 13th in their shop at 521 Colwyn as well as filling Festival Park next door. This popular fall event has been expanded to run from 2 pm until 8 pm. The event coincides with LMU’s Homecoming so it will be an added bonus to those in town for the college event. The festival includes saturation by Art of every form. There will be art to see, art to hear, art to do, art to taste and seasonal art to purchase. The ever popular and versatile Lee Warren is returning to entertain with his music. Wine Tasting will be provided by Good Water Winery of East Tennessee. Both an old fashioned Cake Walk and a Sock Hop have been added to the festivities. A children’s’ art corner and face painting makes this a family affair! A Silent Art Auction will continue throughout the day and everyone participating at any time during the event has an equal chance to win. This annual event is evolving into an anticipated family art day for all ages!

Thank you Business Association!

Suddenly the streets of the town are decked out with corn shucks, bows, and flags! It looks like the Gap of old when the Hopsons and the town Historical Art Committee spear-headed keeping the Gap festive in season. Since the Art Committee disbanded and Jerry and Phyllis have decided to pass the torch on, the town has been a bit disjointed during holiday seasons. Sue Bain, Owner Of the Pineapple Tearoom, Joe Wolfenbarger, owner of the Gap Creek Coffee Shop and several other town businesses, Blake Luck of the Pinnacle Pub and Julie Arnold and many of the Tearoom’s staff all contributed to the seasonal beauty. The group received the stalks free from a local farmer who allowed them to cut them down. All were willing to share credit with someone else but it seemed that the joint effort was a result of the newly renewed Gap Business Association. One of Bain’s employees summarized the whole effort, “We saw it needed to be done, so we did it”

Family Fun for Halloween

The Gap is the place to be for Pumpkins, Zombies and Halloween! The traditional Pumpkin Lights Contest will be held in Festival Park between Oct. 29th and Oct. 31. All works of carved art are to be downtown by 6 pm on Monday, Oct. 29th. The artist’s name is to be out of sight on the pumpkin bottom near the candle hole. Craftsmen of all ages are invited to participate. Prizes are enticing this year and have expanded to include those who enter their pumpkin without placing in the awards. Just for entering, two $25 prizes will be drawn from all entrants! First prize is $50 and a 1 hour. dance party at the Pineapple Tea Room. Second Place winner receives $25 and a $25 Gift certificate to be redeemed at Gap Creek Coffee House. The third place pumpkin will be given $25 and a large specialty pizza from Angelo’s in the Gap. Treats downtown will be provided for little goblins between 5 and 7:30 on October 31st.

A new tradition begins this season sponsored by The Olde Mill Bed and Breakfast. Their ‘Pumpkin Carving and Movies’ between 5 and 10 pm on Friday, Oct. 26th will feature a yet to be announced free family Halloween movie in Berkau Park across from the B&B at 5 pm and repeated at 7:30 pm. This will be accompanied by pumpkin carving in the park. The first 100 participants will get free pumpkins to carve.

To be eligible for one of the 3 free one night stays at the B&B awards, artists must be willing to leave their creations in the Park for display.

The third spook-inspired event to be held this year in the Gap is the 'LMU One Health Initiative's Zombie Run’ held on October 30th. Participants will run, walk and stumble between 4:30 and 7 pm. between the Abraham Lincoln Museum, through the covered bridges in the Gap and back. The $15 fee for the event includes a tee shirt. All Zombies and Zombie ‘wannabe's’ invited! Cumberland Gap will be synonymous with the Halloween season and family fun this year.

Upcoming Events Cumberland Mountain Music Show featuring the music of mountain life with Steve Gulley. Oct. 20th,Nov.10th@7:30 pm - LMU Convention Center. $12 at the door.

2nd Annual Duck Derby Race to benefit Servolution Health Services (SHS) will be held on September 29, 2018. $500 first prize!

Harvest Moon Gala Oct. 13, 2018. Art, food, music, children’s activities Seasonal art for sale & wine tasting. 2 pm-8 pm Sponsored by Cumberland Gap Artists’ Co-op (see article for more details).

Genealogy Jamboree October 19 and 20 2018 Downtown Gap and Tristate Area https://genealogyjamboree.us/ for information.

Wilderness Fun Relay (Kaitlyn DeVries Scholarship Fund) Oct. 27 Begins at Vet School at 8 am. A 12 mi. Relay. $10. T-shirts available

Halloween Season in the GapPumpkin Lights (Oct. 29-30 Festival Park) Movies and Carving (Oct. 26th 5-10 pm. Berkau Park) and Zombies (LMU Health Initiative Zombie Run on Oct. 30th 4:30 pm—7 pm). See “Family Fun For Halloween” article for details.

Victorian Christmas Mother and Father Christmas, 10 am at the Victorian home on Colwyn; as well as tree lighting and town merchant Christmas for all. Whole day celebration on Dec. 1, 2018. Festival of lights in the Gap.

Polar Bear Dip! Jan. 1, 2019 Noon In front of Little Congress Bicycle Museum.

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