The Gap Gazer: November 2017

Volume 8, Issue 11

The Dogs Relay for Kaitlyn

On the morning of Sat Oct 21st , an air of barely contained anticipation reigned in the dog park parking lot. A line of cars with windows full of flapping tongues and wagging tails rolled in.. Hot Dogs, drag-ons, and humungous dogs dressed in red flannel appropriate to the morning cool emerged. Human doggie owners joined the fray attired as frilly dancers, artificial giant dogs and even a black attired ghoul with cane. Weird hats and smiles, both on dogs and their humans, reigned; all were ready to move on, yet were enjoying the moment of comradery. This organized confusion would soon meld into a fundraiser for the Kaitlyn Devries scholarship fund. The relay would span the distance from the Gap Dog Park to the LMU Vet School. No one asked really knew what was the prize for winning the relay, they only knew their $40 fees to participate plus $10 for a cookout at the end funded a great cause where everyone was a winner. This was a group effort, canine and human to help those left behind by the tragic loss of a peer. Some did not know Kaitlyn Devries, They just knew of her through the commemorative dog park named in her honor that they enjoyed with their best four legged friends. College students and dog companions at their best! The relay for the Kaitlyn Devries scholarship fund finally commenced and all involved reflected the joy of giving and the happiness of companionship and purpose.

CGAC Harvest Gala Declared a Success!

The Cumberland Gap Artists’ Co-op presented their annual Harvest Moon Gala on Saturday October 14th. The event featured many genres of art created by the members of the local co-op as well as music, food, a silent auction and wine tasting presented by Seven Springs Vineyard.

There was a feast of artistic enjoyment flooding all senses. A food vender served turkey legs and ribbon fries while the co-op members created other food choices and desserts. The silent auction raised $500 dollars through the generosity of local area merchants’ donations

The musicians pictured above played throughout the evening. Their talent was best summed up in a comment from an attendee who declared that she felt she was “hearing the original artists”! Another participant further commented that the music “was better than many original artists”! The variety presented by the talented musicians featured diverse music types which appealed to all ages attending.

Again, the co-op had to separate the gala location and find a private venue close enough to host the wine tasting, as the Cumberland Gap Aldermen have been considering changing a local ordinance to allow the tasting in Festival Park for over three years. The event, including the wine tasting, was first held in Festival Park three years ago tastefully and without issue before the board discovered an ordinance which prohibited alcohol being served on public property. The Aldermen have been ‘working on revising’ this ordinance throughout two more Fall Art Galas and three summer festivals without completion.

Money raised by the Gala provides materials for children’s art classes, individual lessons, special needs student art training, adult art lessons and various workshops. Funds also support the co-op’s purpose of promoting, preserving and sharing Appalachian art. The event was attended by a wide variety of people from the tri state area and from many visiting tourists.. Director Cora Pat Howard stated that the co-op “appreciated those people of our town who came to the event” but that the co-op members would “like to see more participation by people in the town and by council members.” The co-op has become a functioning part of the Gap business community and brings many people to the town through its daily existence and events. This Harvest Moon Gala was a successful example of the way the Co-op promotes the enjoyment of Appalachian Art.

The First Gap Duck Race was a success with both Servolution and the Cumberland Gap Fire Dept. bene-fitting! [Pictures by: Kimberly Penix]

Matthews’ Musings

Perhaps sharing a bit of my internal wanderings will reveal to my readers what lurks beneath the news I try to journalistically and honestly present each month.. An aged sage told me years ago that he kept a gratitude list which he read when his life became conflicted... Thanking God for a growing list of blessings served to re-adjust his attitude. My gratitude list has become infinitely longer today than it once was. Before I even present my actual list, I state the obvious and thank God for bringing me to my mountains and for bringing Walt and the dogs into my life after I had lost a husband to an insidious illness. I only had a uncuddly beta fish for an animal family because dogs were not allowed in my condo.

Now I am surrounded by God’s most beautiful pallet of nature and permeated by the warmth of a dog and human family which makes me feel so loved, secure and serene.. My faith has grown so that doubts I used to harbor are diminished and my God is real and in control of my life. With this realization, I haven’t even begun my actual gratitude list! What a blessing is my life in the Gap today! A hurricane blew us into the Gap, An accidently obtained My Space page led me to Walt when I wasn’t searching for a husband and Ziggy and Freya came with the bargain. Though I do not believe denominations are Biblical, I do love and embrace others in the family of Christ. The particular beliefs of the church we attend, led Walt and I to daily devotions and study which has solidified our family core. I share in this musings because I am open with my faith and life today. My Gap neighbors and church family have enriched my life here today and this fact has been added to my lengthening gratitude list! I felt a need to let my faithful readers peek at my core of faith, gratitude and honesty as to establish a basis for the news I carefully present each month.


Upcoming Events Cumberland Mountain Music Show featuring the “music and heritage of the mountain people, Nov. 18 @ 7:30 pm-9:30 pm, LMU Convention Center $12 at the door

Pumpkin Lights Oct. 30 & 31st. (enter labeled carved pumpkins by 4 pm Monday the 30th for prizes.) Halloween in the Gap 31st until 8 pm.

Victorian Christmas Dec 2nd: Mother and Father Christmas and much more! Click here to learn more.

Santa Claus visits the Gap Father Christmas has beckoned one of his Helpers to appear in the Gap Friday and Saturday nights between Dec. 8-23rd. All citizens are asked to help the Christmas Spirit by “Lighting up the Gap” during this period and declaring a community face of joy and light during the Christmas season. Click here to learn more.

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