The Gap Gazer: October 2017

Volume 8, Issue 10

Pinnacle Pub Opens

The Pinnacle Pub has opened in the building at 719 Pennlyn Ave. which has served as home to many previous bars. None of these have yet found the secret to long lasting success at this location. According to Karla Luck, who with her husband, run the business, “the hardest

part of having a business in the location we do, seems to be we feel like we have to prove we are operating differently than all previous businesses who have occupied that space”. The new owners have changed the hours and menu to make The Pinnacle Pub a restaurant, an event location and a bar. The town requires that any business operating under a beer permit, submit proof that 51% of their sales are in food so the new pub has a menu which features a ‘build your own quesadilla bar’ as well as other appetizers, melts and wraps. Since they are a pub and have only one room, people entering the business must be over 21 by law. The extended hours do allow for take-out dinners. The pub is open from 4 PM until 11 PM, Monday through Thursday; on Friday and Saturday from 4 PM until Midnight; and on Sunday, the business is closed. Various events are scheduled weekly. Happy hour happens Monday through Wednesday from 4 until 7; Tuesdays are open pool table nights; Wednesday features bingo from 6 until 8; and Thursday after 7 PM is Ladies night.

Their children come first in the new owners’ lives and an immediate goal of business success will be a family trip to Disney World which will prove that “magic can happen”. The parents want this trip goal to show their children that “what you put into something is what you get out of it.

The Ducks Invade on Sept. 30th

Servolution Health Services, a faith-based, non-profit free clinic located in Speedwell, Tennessee is teaming up with the Cumberland Gap Volunteer Fire Department on September 30 to present a family-friendly day highlighted by a fund raiser Duck Derby down Gap Creek. The Gap Volunteer Fire Department are presenting a breakfast between 8 AM and 11AM, . At 10 PM, a Family Fun Run sponsored by Claiborne County School Health

Program, will take place. At 11 AM, children’s games commence. At Noon, the Duck Derby splashes off in front of the Old Mill B&B. Duck entrants are $5 and must be purchased by an adult at least 18 years of age. Five purchased ducks will earn a free T-Shirt! Until race day ducks may be bought at Papa Chum’s Music and Rarities or at Servolution Health Services. On Duck Derby Day, various locations in the Gap will offer ducks for purchase. The person who owns the winning duck will become $500 richer! Following the race, a painting party at 2 PM will happen in Festival Park, next to the Cumberland Gap Artists’ Co-op. All needed equipment and instruction are offered at $25 a participant. Call 606.269.1218 to register for this concluding event of a fun packed day in the Gap.

New Judge, New City Court!

The new city judge, Matthew McClung will be holding court in the Cumberland Gap City Hall meeting room. Dates will be set monthly. McClung was graduated from University of Tennessee law program and now lives in the town of Cumberland Gap. He has previously served as a district attorney in the 8th Judicial District of Tennessee and as an Assistant Public Defender. He also holds a position as an instructor of Criminal Justice at LMU. At a salary of $100 a month, McClung will hear cases reported by the Cumberland Gap policeman and other legal cases which arise in the town. Establishing a City Court and appointing a specific city judge is the last step in validating the hired policeman in enforcing Cumberland Gap City ordinances effectively. Judge McClung was approved and sworn in by our Aldermen Board Attorney, Jim Estep, at the Tuesday, September 5 at the board meeting.

Matthews’ Musings

A musings this month inspired by the sociological breakdown of our town that the representatives of Appalachian Voices presented. Our little Gap is a town of contrasting residents (some near the end of their working careers and some at the beginnings) who can learn from each other. I was the idealistic student in the similar college town of Holland, MI so many years ago. I recently returned with my roommate after 40 years of life away and discovered that Holland continued to grow and develop after we left! While I lived there, I did interact with older Dutch community and the newly arriving migrants from Mexico and worked with both aspects, often learning more than I learned in the classes on sociology! I hope that these interactions also gave a sense of what I, as a younger and transient citizen, was experiencing. I sold wooden shoes during tulip time; worked, by choice, in the Hispanic schools in town; and quietly and respectfully carried my lighted candle during the troubled years of Vietnam, thinking my voice would be heard. (Now I realize that though the candle may have not been effective, my sincere passion about my purpose was long remembered!) Those long forever years of college have become time passing too quickly! As I have gotten older on the outside, life has given me a different perspective. I am much more aware of what is actually important.

Today, I still am very actively involved in life. . I do get up early and go to bed late as not to waste the days I so enjoy here. I am not tied to lesson plans and I do not go to bed worrying about my students’ or my aging parents’ problems. I still am a bit of a more domesticated ‘bulldog’, according to my husband, and realize that nothing is really that important if, in a month, I can move on and forget the passing crisis. We in the Gap have that same opportunity to interact together that I had so many years ago. Let’s not waste this time shared.


Upcoming Events Cumberland Mountain Music Show featuring the “music and heritage of the mountain people, Oct. 14 & Nov. 18 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm, LMU Convention Center $12 at the door

Harvest Moon Art Festival Oct. 14th. Hours 3 - 8 pm Cumberland Gap Artists’ Co-op. A fall celebration of Art with food, music, a silent auction and winetasting. Free admission.

Servolution Duck Race - Sept. 30. Fire dept. breakfast. further info in article. Family event.

Pumpkin Lights Oct. 30 & 31st. (enter labeled carved pumpkins by 4 pm Monday the 30th for prizes.) Halloween in the Gap 31st until 7 pm and Victorian Christmas Dec 2nd: Mother and Father Christmas and much more! Further details upcoming!!

Kathy Matthews, Editor


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