David Thompson and

Sue Crockett


​David Thompson — Man of the world, with expertise in architecture, travel, and music... and most importantly, a budding artist.

Sue Crockett — born and raised in Lee County, VA...always the artist, then the art teacher. Interested in all things that make life rich and wonderful...

Calesta Hecht

Stained Glass  & Jewelry

​I work in many different mediums including wood and antler carving, leather, fiber and some metal. I do custom work along with restoration of stained glass windows.


My original work has many different things incorporated into the pieces including antique bottles, slag glass, vintage jewelry and skeleton keys.


I was born in Saginaw, Michigan and my husband and I have purchased property in Tazewell, Tennessee 3 years ago and are beginning the building of our house this year.


We are very excited about this new adventure in our lives and looking forward to becoming permanent residents in the very near future.

Donna Tate

Watercolor & Oil

​My goal in painting is simple,i.e.,to tell a story, make a statement or evoke an emotion.  My mediums are watercolor and oil.

I would prefer to paint from life, but that's not always possible.  Many of my still life paintings are from my own design and composition.  The landscape, seascape, figurative and portrait paintings are mostly from the reference photos that I have taken of various places that I have been blessed to visit.

I paint for the love of art and it's a passion that never goes away. Sometimes I paint the same thing over and over again to get it to the point that I think it's right, and when that doesn't happen, I cast it aside and try to forget about it.  Later, if by chance, I run across it I think,hey, that wasn't so bad after all.  Then I start a new painting.

My journey into the world of art started later in life, and I have had a lot to learn and catching up to do. However the passion and obsession is still there to paint the perfect painting.

I grew up in Bell County, KY but spent a great portion of my life in Tennessee and Florida.  Life before art was in the banking industry starting as a teller and leaving as a Human Resource Officer. Currently, my husband and I are owners of a small perfume manufacturing company.

Barbara Murray

Recycled Glass Work

​Nebraska born Barbara Murray spent her childhood and early adult years in Colorado, spending her college years at CSU in Fort Collins. Barbara came to Eastern Tennessee by way of Georgia. Her years in GA were filled with adventures in gift sales, food and beverage management, teaching, and studying nutrition and holistic health modalities. She and her husband enjoy their life in TN on what she refers to as their “sacred nob, Murray Hill” or “Heaven’s Gallery” as one dear friend so aptly named the beautiful hill overlooking Powell Valley TN.

Since arriving in Tennessee, Barbara has enjoyed pet therapy (visiting schools and nursing homes) with her husband and their Great Danes, volunteer work in Knoxville, TN and Middlesboro, KY, teaching Tai Chi, and creating. Her functional up-cycled glass works have brought joy to many gatherings, as cheese trays, snack bowls and soap dishes or spoon rests. Barbara is a strong proponent of recycling and reusing… to help the planet…so learning to use her kiln to turn used bottles and other glass into functional art seemed a natural step to her. In the past several years, she’s found her own style with the shapes and colors she finds most usable. Her glass art may come to you as a gift or you may spot a piece you just have to have for your counter, wall, deck or next party. Barbara has even created entire kitchen backsplashes with slumped bottles! Each time you use your tray or bowl from Murray Hill, may you be reminded that you’re honoring something we all love…this EARTH.

Barbara continues to learn, grow and experiment. She is planning to use recycled glass in wind chimes in the near future.

Cora Pat


By the time I was 7 years old, my favorite pastime was drawing and painting pictures. My love for art, has led me to study art, collect art books, and visit some of the finest art museums in the world, such as The National Museum and The Corcoran Museum in Washington D.C., The Metropolitan Museum in New York City, and The Louvre Museum in Paris France, and others.

I paint people, animals, birds, buildings, seascapes and landscapes. My mediums are oil, acrylic, water color, India ink, pastels, pencils, and charcoal.  Woodland sculptures are made from items that I find walking in the woods.

I teach after school art classes to area children from area schools that don't offer art in their curriculum; adult art classes on Saturday morning; offer workshops through the winter months of January and February; and also do painting parties at the Artists Co-op Gallery and at the local tearoom.

Creating art and teaching art enriches my life and brings me happiness.  I highly recommend it as a great therapy to take your mind off your troubles.  The Great Creator created us in His image and instills in artists and artisans the desire to create.

I am a charter member of The Cumberland Gap Artists Co-Op.

Stella Garland


My name is Stella Garland and I was born in a coal camp in Arjay, Kentucky, to a coal miner and a Baptist preacher. I'm the youngest of 11 children.


I worked with handicapped children for 20 years, then retired and moved back from Pulaski County to Bell County, after 48 years.


I am a caretaker at Hensley Settlement, in the Cumberland Gap National Park for the past 6 years, where I tell stories from my Appalachian childhood, and quilt.


My love for quilting began at the age of eight, when my grandmother starting teaching me.  As a member of The Cumberland Gap Artists Co-Op, in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee several of my quilts are on display.

Rebecca Mohollan


​Rebecca Monhollon lives in Harlan , Kentucky where she writes books and raises Rocky Mountain Horses. Mischief on the Mountain was inspired by her life growing up in the mountains of Harlan, Kentucky and stories of adventures passed down to her through her family.

Rebecca's father’s family is from Tennessee and lived in Turkey’s Roost in Gatlinburg and some of the family lived in Cades Cove. This novel is about two girls growing up in the 1800’s in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The stories are about the mischief that these girls encounter. These stories are all based in truth.

The idea for the book came to Rebecca from stories told to her by her 80 year old grandmother, Lucy, the main character in the book. She told Rebecca these adventures she had as a child that made everyone in the family laugh. Lucy's family is from Tennessee where she lived as a child in the Smoky Mountains. She then moved to Harlan, Kentucky when she married Louis Boggs and raised her family there. Rebecca grew up in mountains of Kentucky. The stories in this book are Lucy’s and some adventures Rebecca experienced herself and are about inventing your own games before the invention of modern technology. These stories are Rebecca's imagination, but each story has something in it that is true.

Rebecca's roots go back to her great grandfather, William Creech, donated the land for what is now the Pine Mountain Settlement School.

Rebecca is currently working on Mischief Returns to the Mountain which should be published summer 2017.

Cathi Kuykendall

Fine Crafts

Between the 7th and 8th grade I was enrolled in a sewing class and quickly found enjoyment in making my clothes.  When graduating from Colorado State University I received a Singer electronic sewing machine and expanded my ability to sew my clothes.  Life happened and so in my late twenties sewing went to the wayside.

In 2008, I owned a Victorian Inn with 13 ft ceilings and the need to sew brought me to designing and sewing curtains, comforters, and decorative pillows for each guest room and my love of sewing turned to creative, more than functional.
When living in South Carolina I sewed for rental property clients and learned to sew custom slip covers and design around coastal decor.  Now my love of sewing has come to Tennessee. Dabble in jewelry making and really any project that touches my heart. Woring with my business partner, we take great joy in transforming homes for their owners.

​In Arkansas my vision began to change and after moving to South Carolina, with assistance from the South Carolina Commission for the Blind, I have been able to continue my joy of sewing, home staging, jewelry making, and crafts.

Michael Gamble 


When my son was born I became a stay-at-home Dad and thought I would be able to devote a lot of time to my pottery business. HA! I didn't get anything done until he started school. No he is in high school and I have been able to set aside more and more time for making pottery.

 I make hand built and wheel thrown stoneware pottery, including mugs, bowls, plates, dinner sets, "flower keepers", crocks, and handmade tiles.

Curt Witt

Photography and Wood Working

I grew up here in the mountains of VA, KY & TN and later moved away to Florida for work. After 25 years, my wife and I moved back and acquired the homestead that has been in my family since 1780. It was purchased from the famous Joseph Martin of Martin's Station by my 6th Grandfather in 1780. My 3rd Great Grandfather built the farmhouse we live in today back in 1896.


​Five years prior to purchasing the homestead, my wife and I came up from Florida and got married on the front porch. At that time, we had no idea we would someday own and live in this home. My father, Grover Witt and 11 of his siblings were born and raised in this house.


I take local and historical photos, such as Hensley Settlement, the Hole in the Rock and Coal Mining. I also capture the local way of life that is disappearing like old barns, churches, general stores, train depots, hay baling, tobacco farming, plowing and more.


In addition to photography, I make frames and other woodworking items, like tables, quilt racks, swings and wood art, etc. utilizing local wood from downed trees, old barns and houses. Wood like oak, walnut, wormy chestnut, cherry, cedar and more. In my spare time I'm one of Santa's helpers.

Kathy Jo Matthews


My world is a gift given me by God.


From a young age, I learned to view my surroundings through unique, grateful glasses. Whether pressing my eye to a Kodak Brownie Camera viewfinder or hanging upside down with a book in an old catalpa tree, I observed my parents create life for my brother and I.


Mom wrote and recreated her world with her sewing machine, my father believed that if something were already broken, it couldn’t hurt to try to reassemble it some other way. I learned to live in a world without boundaries, in which reality could be cleverly captured and rewritten by a creative muse. From these roots, I view life through a camera lens.


After my late husband passed, I traveled the world alone with my camera as my companion. I dropped this friend in San Diego and while pondering the fact that it may be broken, realized how much the camera had become part of who I was.


I also recreate things around me, much like my father did. I never quite feel as talented in my work as those who have a specific genre but do leave a part of myself in every piece or photo I create. By viewing my work, one can see the inside of me….

Mary Margaret LeBoeuf


Mary Margaret LeBoeuf, of Harrogate, Tennessee, is the youngest of six sisters. She is homeschooled by her mother and has recently begun receiving art lessons from Ms. Cora Pat Howard. Mary's 15th birthday was September 8, 2019. In addition to painting, Mary is also a competitive dancer.

Nancy Lee

Fine Crafts

Nancy Lee loves to sew and makes many different lovely quilts and baby items.  Nancy lives in Middlesboro Kentucky.